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Floating ball valve standards and structural features (2)

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6. The middle flange (the connection between the valve body and the left body) has no leakage structure. The connection between the valve body and the left body is sealed by gaskets. In order to prevent leakage due to fire, high temperature or vibration, it is specially designed to The valve body is in contact with the metal-metal on the left body to form a fixed orifice flange to ensure no leakage.


7. Fire protection structure When a fire accident occurs, non-metallic materials such as valve seats and fillers will be burned out, and a large amount of leaked media may further promote the fire. The fireproof structure of the valve can prevent a large amount of medium leakage. After the fire, the leakage parts (ball and valve body, valve stem and valve body, middle flange) are designed to be in contact with metal to meet the fire protection requirements. As shown in the figure, once the valve seat is burned, the ball will directly contact the metal surface of the valve body under pressure, thereby preventing a large amount of medium from leaking from the burned valve seat.


2. Pressure-Temperature Rating


The pressure and temperature rating of the ball valve is not only related to the shell material, but also more related to the sealing material such as valve seat, packing and gasket. The seal can be polymer material, asbestos or rubber. The choice of seal material depends on the medium composition, working temperature, working pressure and flow rate of the valve.


For various unpredictable working conditions, it is extremely difficult to accurately determine the pressure-temperature rating of the valve. Based on our long-term valve manufacturing experience and valuable feedback from customers, we are here to provide you with the pressure-temperature ratings of the valve under stable operating conditions.



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