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Ball Valves

  • 3 way ball valve

    3 way ball valve

    3 way ball valves  are Type T and Type L. T – type can make three orthogonal pipeline mutual connection and cut off the third channel, diverting, confluent effect. L Three-way ball valve type can only connect the two mutually orthogonal pipes, can not keep the third pipe connected to each other at the same time, only play a distribution role.

    3 way ball valve L type and T type

    fire safe and ATEX Certified
    Nominal Size Range: NPS 1/2” ~ 12”
    Pressure Rating: Class 150LB – 900LB
    Connection: Flange (RF, FF, RTJ), Butt Welded (BW), Socket Welded (SW)
    Design Specifications:
    Design: API599 API6D
    Pressure-temperature rating: ASME B16.34
    Face-to-face dimensions for butt weld and flanged valves: ASME B16.10
    Flange design: ASME B16.5
    Butt welding design: ASME B16.25

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  • Trunnion mounted Ball Valve

    Trunnion mounted Ball Valve

    Trunnion mounted ball valve NPS:2″-56″

    API 6D,API 607 Firesafe,NACE MR0175, ATEX Certified.

    Pressure rating:Class150-2500lbs

    Manual operation,Pneumatic operation and Electric operation.

    Body:Cast steel,Forged steel


    NORTECH is one of the leading China Trunnion mounted Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

  • Fully Welded Ball Valve

    Fully Welded Ball Valve

    Full welded ball valve,API6D pipeline ball valve

    Forged steel completely welded,underground valve.


    Pressure rating:Class150-1500lbs

    Body Forged steel


    ASME B16.34,API6D

    NORTECH is one of the leading China Fully Welded Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

  • Metal Seated Ball Valve

    Metal Seated Ball Valve

    Metal Seated Ball Valves,floating ball and trunnion ball

    suitable for severe working conditions,high temperature,wear resistance

    could be Uni-directional sealing and bi-directional sealing

    DBB available for Trunnion metal seated ball valve


    Pressure rating:Class150-900lbs

    ASME B16.34,API6D

    NORTECH is one of the leading China Metal Seated Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

  • Top Entry Ball Valve

    Top Entry Ball Valve

    Top Entry Ball valves,are used in piping systems where the top of the valve can be removed to gain access to the ball and seats without removing the entire valve from the piping system. Top entry ball valves are typically used in process systems where in-line maintenance is preferred over full valve removal.


    • NPS:2″-36″
    • Pressure rating:Class150-2500lbs
    • Body:Cast steel/Forged steel
    • ASME B16.34,API6D

    NORTECH is one of the leading China Top Entry Ball Valve  Manufacturer & Supplier.

  • Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve

    Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve

    The Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve,is designed to replace the complex form of multiple valve connections in utilize a twin-valve design. By combining two valves into one body, a twin-valve design reduces weight and potential leaks paths while meeting the OSHA requirements for double block and bleed.

    • Size: 1/2 – 16 Inch.
    • Pressure: Class 150 LB – 2500 LB.
    • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, etc.
    • floating or trunnion mounted,for the purpose of DBB and DIB.

    NORTECH is one of the leading China Double Block And Bleed Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

  • 3 Piece Floating Ball Valve

    3 Piece Floating Ball Valve

    3-piece floating ball valves,thread end

    Design & Manufacture standards: ASME B16.34

    Face to Face Dimension:  ASME B16.10

    Thread Connection Dimension: BSP/BSPT/NPT

    Pressure-Temperature Rating: ASME B16.34

    Test And Inspection:  API598,API6D

    Type Of Operation:  Pneumatic actuator double acting.

    DN(NPS):  1/2″~4″

    PN(LB):  1000psi

    Material:  CF3,CF3M,CF8,CF8M

    NORTECH is one of the leading China 3 Piece Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

  • Floating Ball Valve

    Floating Ball Valve

    Floating ball valves,nominal diameter 1/2”~8”

    API6D,Fire proof API607,ATEX Certified

    Pressure Rating:CLASS 150~600

    Design Standard:ASME B 16.34/API 6D /API 608/BS EN ISO17292/ISO14313

    Face To Face Dimensions:ASME B 16.10/API 6D/EN558

    Connection End:ASME B 16.5/ASME B 16.47/ASME B 16.25/EN1092/JIS B2220/GOST12815

    Type Of Connection:RF/RTJ/BW.

    Manual operation,Pneumatic operation,Electric operation,or Free stem with ISO5211 plat form foractuators.

    NORTECH is one of the leading China Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.