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Floating ball valve standards and structural features (1)

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1. Structural characteristics of floating ball valve

1. Unique valve seat sealing structure. Years of ball valve manufacturing experience combined with advanced technology at home and abroad designed the double-line sealing valve seat to reliably ensure the valve seal. Professional valve seat processing makes the friction coefficient of the valve seat low and the valve operating torque is small.

2. The head of the handle valve stem that can indicate the switch state of the valve adopts a flat square structure, and the connection with the handle will not be misaligned, so as to ensure that the direction of the flow hole of the handle and the ball is consistent. When the handle is parallel to the valve pipeline, the valve is in the open state; when the handle is perpendicular to the valve pipeline, the valve is in the closed state.

3. Locking device In order to prevent the valve switch from being wrongly actuated and unpredictable line vibration, there are lock holes in the fully open and fully closed positions of the valve, and the valve can be locked with a padlock. Especially when the valve is installed in the field or in the production line of flammable medium petroleum and chemical drugs, the locking device will show its unique advantages.

4. The valve stem anti-flying structure. When the pressure in the valve cavity rises, the pressure in the valve body cavity may push the valve stem out. In order to prevent this from happening, there is a shoulder on the lower part of the valve stem, and the valve stem is installed from the inside of the valve body to prevent the valve stem from flying out. In this way, it is more convenient and safer to replace the packing. At the same time, after a fire, the pressure of the medium will make the valve stem flange and the upper sealing surface of the valve body come into close contact, preventing a large amount of medium from leaking from the damaged packing part, and acting as an instantaneous seal.

5. Anti-static design. When operating the valve, due to the friction between the ball and the valve seat, static electricity will be generated and accumulated on the ball. In order to prevent the generation of static sparks, an anti-static device is specially installed on the valve to lead out the static electricity generated during the opening and closing process. This design can effectively prevent accidents when the valve is used in gasoline, natural gas, propane, etc. with a lower ignition point.

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