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EN1074 gate valve Industrial Wedge Rising-Stem Gate Valve Whole Sale China factory Supplier

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EN1074 gate valve ,wedge gate valve for water

DN50-DN1200,PN6-10-16,2″-48″,ANSI 125-150

Inside screw Non-rising stem and outside screw & York rising stem

DIN3352 F4/F5,EN1074-2/BS5163/AWWA C509

WRAS and ACS Certified

The gate valve is also called a plate valve. The mutual fit can prevent the flow of the medium, and rely on the top mold, spring or the mold shape of the gate to enhance the sealing effect .
The main function of the pipeline is to cut off. It is easy to open and close, and the advantages are: small fluid resistance.

NORTECH is one of the leading China EN1074 gate valve   Manufacturer & Supplier.

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What's EN1074 gate valve ?

EN1074 gate valve , a design principle that is dominant in preference for use in distribution systems.

EN1074 gate valve  are very popular for industrial application.

  • 1)Perfect sealing:bi-directional bubble sealing.
  • 2)Low cost:rubber seat is vulcanised on the wedge,no need for further machining of valve seat.
  • 3)Simple structure and Easy maintenance

Main features of NORTECH EN1074 gate valve

The body is made of ductile iron by precision casting moulding,It was designed by 3D software,with finite element analysis for the structure.The safety coefficient is over 2.5.Smooth bottom channel is designed,to avoid accumulation of impurities and to ensure small flow resistance.

The stem is made of stainless steel by rolling. Integral type,avoiding the use of the brass half rings to reduce stem diameter. the smooth modified ladder type screw is extruded. Global mirror polish,it fits the O rings well, to ensure that the smooth rotation and small torque.

The frame of the wedge is made of ductile iron by the precoated sand moulding,the wedge is covered by EPDM totally.Double seal design,each seal line can work independently

resilient seated gate valve body
resilient seated gate valve stem
resilient seated wedge
bonnet of resilient seated gate valve

Environmental friendly manufacturing

The inside and outside surface of the valve is coated with sanitary epoxy powder by fusion bonded epoxy(FBE), the average thickness is above 250um. The adhesion of the coating is strong,it won't be destroyed under the impact force test of 3J. Internal parts can meet with the environmental protection requirements,and can be used for the potable water,food and pharmaceutical area directly.The electrostatic powder coating process can promise high adhesion force and strong corrosion resistance

The rubber parts are made of high quality EPDM or NBR, which is in accordance with the drinking water requirements,avoiding  the problem of the common rubber which is likely to breed microorganism.The products is not only approved by chinese national quality standards for drinking water related products,but also approved by WRAS in UK and ACS in France.The stem nut is forged and rolled from the national standard brass rod (low content of lead),and no pollution to water.

Easy installation and operation

We offer various kinds of interface such as flange connection,PVC pipe socket, uctile iron pipe socket,reducing etc.The special connection design can be customised as per the requests

of users. The gate valves can be operated by electric actuator,handwheels,wrench cap or special key. It's convenient to install the valves in different positions of the pipe lines. besides the vertical installation,the valves also can be horizontally installed. In some narrow spaces, you can choose the installation way which is convenient for the operation of the valves.

Easy maintenance

The seal ring can be replaced without cutting off the water,it's easier for the maintenance and reduce the maintenance time as much as possible.Very small friction between the brass bushing and the "O" type seal,it will ensure long life of the seal ring.The max. operating torque is under the control.

soft seat gate valve 07
soft seat gate valve 08
operation-Resilient seated gate valves
soft seat gate valve 10

Specifications of NORTECH EN1074 gate valve

DIN3352 F4/F5,EN1074-2,BS5163 Type A,AWWA C509

Design and Manufacture DIN3352 F4/F5,EN1074-2/BS5163/AWWA C509
Face to face DIN3202/EN558-1/BS5163/ANSI B16.10
Pressure rating PN6-10-16,Class125-150
Size DN50-600 OS&Y Rising stem
  DN50-DN1200 Non-rising stem
Rubber wedge EPDM/NBR
Appilcation Water works/Drinking water/sewage etc

Product Show: EN1074 gate valve

soft seat gate valve 03
soft seat gate valve 04
soft seat gate valve 02
Resilient Seated Cast Iron gate valve1
Resilient Seated Cast Iron gate valve2
Resilient Seated Cast Iron gate valve3

Application of NORTECH EN1074 gate valve

EN1074 gate valve  are widely used in the field urban water system,supply and drainage of water,water treatment,sewage,irrigation,potalble water,pharmacery plant.

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