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Pneumatic Ball Valve Stainless Steel Floating Ball Valve China factory

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Pneumatic ball valve options from Nortech help automate the starting and stopping of flows.When coupled with a solenoid, pneumatic actuators also can produce torque to move cylinders or enough torque to trigger smallelectric devices. To create a fail-safe design, consider a spring-return actuated valve that uses air to help operate a valve in onedirection and springs to help operate in the reverse direction.

API6D,Fire proof API607,ATEX Certified

Pressure Rating:CLASS 150~600

Connection End:ASME B 16.5/ASME B 16.47/ASME B 16.25/EN1092/JIS B2220/GOST12815

Type Of Connection:RF/RTJ/BW.

Manual operation,Pneumatic operation,Electric operation,or Free stem with ISO5211 plat form foractuators.

NORTECH is one of the leading China Pneumatic ball valve Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

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What's Pneumatic ball valve ?

A Pneumatic ball valve  uses a rotating ball and a stem that provide on/off flow control.

The Pneumatic ball valve utilize natural line pressure to press and seal the ball against the downstream seat. The line pressure is exposed to a greater surface area - the entire upstream face of the ball, which is an area equal to the actual pipe size.

A Pneumatic ball valve  is a valve with its ball floating (not fixed by a trunnion) inside the valve body, it drifts toward to the downstream side and tightly pushes against the seat under the medium pressure to ensure sealing reliability. The floating ball valve has simple structure, good sealing performance but the seat material is required to withstand the workload since the sealing pressure is bared by the seat ring. Due to unavailability of high performance seat material, floating ball valve is mainly used in middle or low pressure application.

Main features of NORTECH Pneumatic ball valve ?

1. Special Seat Design

we adopts the design of flexible seal ring structure for the floating ball valve. When the medium pressure is low,the contact area of seal ring and ball is small. It will reduce friction and operating torque and ensure the tightness in the same time.When the medium pressure is increased,the contact  area of seal ring and ball becomes bigger along with the elastic deformation of  seal ring, so the seal ring can endure higher medium impact without being damaged.

3. Anti-static Structure

The ball valve is designed with the anti- static structure and the static electricity discharge device to directly form a static channel between the ball and body through the stem so as to discharge the static electricity produced of friction of ball and seat,avoiding fire or explosion that may be caused by static sparkle and ensuring system safety.

floating ball valve seat 01

floating seat under low pressure

floating ball valve seat 02

floating seat under high pressure

5. Lock and Misoperation  Prevention

The manual ball valve can be locked by a lock at the full Open or full close position. The 90° open and close positioning piece with lock hole is designed to avoid valve misoperation caused by non-authorised opreators, and it can also prevent valve opening  or  closing, or other accidents caused  by pipeline vibration or unpredictable  factors. It is very effective especially for inflammable and explosive oil,chemical and medical working pipelines or field tubing. The part on the head of the stem that is installed with the handle adopts flat design. Where  the valve is opened, the handle is parallel to the pipeline, and closing indications of the valve are guaranteed to be correct.

Fireproof Structure Design of middle flange

fireproof design middle flange

Fireproof Structure Design of Stem(after burning)

fireproof stem design after fire

Fireproof Structure Design of Seat

fireproof seat design

Fireproof Structure Design of Stem(normal use)

fireproof stem design normal use
anti-static 01

Anti-Static structure design of ball valve with DN32 and above

anti-static 02

Anti-Static structure design of ball valve smaller than DN32

stem blow out proof01

bottom mounted stem will not blown out under medium pressure

stem blow out proof02

top mounted stem may blow out under medium pressure

packing 01

Before the packing is pressed

packing 02

After the packing is pressed

packing 03

the Spring loaded packing mechanism

lock 02

Technical Specifications of floating ball valve?

Nominal diameter


Connection Type

Raised face flange

Design standard

API 608

Body material

Stainless steel CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M

Ball material

Stainless steel 304/316/304L/316L

Seat material


Working temperature

Up to 120°C for PTFE


Up to 250°C for PPL/PEEK


Up to 80°C for NYLON

Flange end

EN1092-1 PN10/16,ASME B16.5 Cl150

Face to face

ASME B 16.10

ISO mounting pad


Inspection standard


Type of operation

Handle lever/Manual gearbox/Pneumatic actuator/Electric actuator

Product Show:Pneumatic ball valve

floating ball valve 03
floating ball valve 04
floating ball valve 02
floating ball valve 05

Application of Pneumatic ball valve

Our Pneumatic ball valve  can be widely utilized in petrochemical, chemical,steel,paper making, pharmaceutical and long-distance transport pipes.etc,nearly all the field.

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