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3 way plug valve

Short Description:

3 way plug valve  is a closing piece or plunger shaped rotary valve, by rotating 90 degrees to make the port on the valve plug and the valve body of the same or separate, open or close a valve. The plug of a plug valve may be cylindrical or conical in shape. In cylindrical plugs, channels are generally rectangular; In the tapered plug, the channel is trapezoidal. These shapes make the structure of the plug valve lighter, but at the same time create a certain loss. The plug valve is most suitable for cutting and connecting medium and diversion, but depending on the nature of the application and the erosion resistance of the sealing surface, sometimes it can also be used for throttling. Because the movement between the sealing surface of the plug valve has a wiping effect, and when fully open, it can completely prevent contact with the flow medium, so it can also be used for medium with suspended particles. Another important feature of the plug valve is its ease of adapting to a multi-channel design, so that a valve can have two, three, or even four different flow channels. This simplifies piping design, reduces valve usage, and reduces the number of fittings needed in the equipment.

NORTECH is one of the leading China 3 way plug valve   Manufacturer & Supplier.

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What's the 3 way plug valve ?

3 way plug valve  is a kind of valve with closing parts or plunger shape, which is opened or closed by rotating 90 degrees so that the port on the valve plug is the same or separate from the port on the valve consists of a three way  valve body, disc, spring, spring seat and handle, etc. By rotating the disc, you can freely control the opening, closing, adjustment and flow distribution of the pipeline medium It is easy to adapt to the multi-channel structure, according to the number of running ways can be divided into three way plug valve, four way plug valve and so on. Multi-channel plug valves simplify the design of piping systems, reduce valve usage and some of the connection fittings required in the equipment.

3-way,4-way plug valve is applicable to change the media flowing direction or to distribute the media, that are used in various industries such as petroleum,chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry etc under nominal pressure of Class150-900lbs,PN1.0~16, and working temperatures of -20~550°C

Main features of NORTECH 3 way plug valve

1. The product has reasonable structure, reliable sealing, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

2. According to different conditions, 3-way,4-way plug valve can be designed into diverseful media flowing forms(eg. L type or T type or all kinds of material (eg. Iron, cast steel,stainless steel) or unlike sealing froms(eg.metal to metal, sleeve type,lubricated, ect).

3. The materials of the parts and sizes of flanges can be reasonably configured according the actual operation condition of the requirements of the customers,so as to meet the various needs of engineering.

Technical specifications of NORTECH 3 way plug valve

Structural formation
Driving manner
Wrench wheel,worm& worm gear, pneumatic,electric-actuated
Design standard
API599, API6D,GB12240
Face to face
ASME B16.10,GB12221,EN558
Flange ends
ASME B16.5 HB20592,EN1092
Test & inspection

Product Application:

This kind of 3 way plug valve  is widely pplicable to change the media flowing direction or to distribute the media, in various industries such as petroleum,chemical industry, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer, power industry etc oil field exploitation, transportation and refining equipment,etc.

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