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Y type Slurry Valve

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Y type Slurry Valve  is ideal for many applications because the valves are designed for use on abrasion materials. Y Type Slurry Valve is divided into left and right parts with a seat between them.

The bolt connecting the two parts can be dissembled to replace the valve seat.The valve with abrasion resistance,high pressure resistance,erosion resistance and anti-scabbing performance.
The Y type slurry valve is specially offered for controlling or stopping the slurry, the slurry valves are used primarily in the alumina,metallurgy , chemical fertilizer and mining industry.

NORTECH is one of the leading China Y type Slurry Valve   Manufacturer & Supplier.

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What's the Y type Slurry Valve?

Y type Slurry Valve is divided into left and right parts with a seat between them. The seat is installed between the two valve body ,so the seat can be replaced easily .The left and right valve bodies are provided in geometric design,the finite element analysis and 3D design software are used for flow analysis in the cavity of the valve body.

The valve seat sealing face of a slurry valve with a certain Angle between the stem and the channel has a certain Angle with the inlet and outlet channel. The left and right valve body is separated, the valve seat is sandwiced between the two valve bodies, the bolt connecting the two valve bodies can be replaced with the valve seat, the valve cavity is equipped with anti-erosion and anti-corrosion guard plate, in the opening of the valve moment, the valve body can be protected from erosion and corrosion by the medium, with high wear-resisting and anti-corrosion excellent function. This type of slurry valve almost does not change the direction of flow.

Main features of NORTECH Y type Slurry Valve

Main features of Y type slurry valves.

  • 1)Straight through type, low flow resistance.
  • 2)Spherical sealing is used between the sealing pairs, so that the sealing surface is in line contact to ensure the reliability of the sealing and prevent scarring.
  • 3)It has high wear resistance and erosion resistance.
  • 4)Valve with inverted sealing structure design, ensure no media leakage stuffing, sealing performance is reliable, and can be replaced online packing.
  • 5)The valve stem seal adopts flexible graphite and braided graphite to make the seal more reliable.

Technical specifications of NORTECH Y type Slurry Valve

Y type Slurry valve specially designed for alumina oxide,mining, metallurgical slurry

Technical Specifications
Product name
Slurry valve,dumping valve,bottom outlet valve
Nominal diameter
Body type
Y type,straight type,angle type
Disc type
External disc,internal disc
Pressure rating
1.0 Mpa,1.6 Mpa,2.5 Mpa,150lbs
Design standard
API 609/EN593
Working temperature
-29~425°C (depending on materials chosed)
Flange drilling
EN1092-1 PN10/16/25,ASME B16.5 Cl150
Inspection standard
Type of operation
Handwheel/Manual gearbox/Pneumatic actuator/Electric actuator
Y type Slurry Valve5

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Y type Slurry Valve3
Y type Slurry Valve4

Product Application:

What is the Y type Slurry Valve used for?

This kind of  Y type Slurry Valve  is widely utilized in Fertilizer, mining, metallurgy, alumina and other industries

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