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Forged Steel Gate Valve

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API602 Forged steel gate valve,forged carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,duplex stainless steel



API602/BS5352/ASME B16.34

socket weld TO ANSI B16.11

thread end to ASME B1.20.1

Flange ASME B16.5,welded flange and integral flange

NORTECH is one of the leading China Forged Steel Gate Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

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What's the API602 forged steel gate valve?

API602 Forged Steel Gate Valve is a special design of small sizes gate valves.

it has all the characteristics of gate normal,the opening and closing parts are the gate,in shape of a wedge,that's the reason that they are named as wedge gate valve.the direction of motion of the gate is perpendicular to the fluid direction. The wedge gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed and can not be adjusted and throttled.The gate valve was designed to be used either fully open or fully closed, because due to the shape of its obturators which have the shape of a wedge, if it were operated partially open, there would be a great loss of pressure and the sealing surface will be damanged under impact of the fluid.

but the API602 forged steel gate valve has its own's made in forged carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel,with compact body,suitable for high pressure fluid.the bonnet could be bolted,welded and pressure sealed,according to the working conditions.

Main features of the API602 forged steel gate valve?

Main features of the API602 forged steel gate valve

  • 1)Rising stem with precision acme double thread for quick operation.
  • 2)Body to bonnet joint designed to apply a uniform load to the gasket to assure a leak proof seal.
  • 3)Solid wedge.
  • 4)Stem-gate connection designed so that under severe applied loads (stuck gate), the stem will fail outside of the stuffing box pressure boundary.
  • 5)Backseat designed to relieve back pressure on the stem packing when fully seated. Replacing stem packing under pressure is not recommended.
  • 6)Stem packing is designed for optimum control of fugitive emissions leakage to the atmoshphere. The ultra-low emission leakage rate is assured by the fine finish on the stem sealing area, the reduced diametrical clearences and the stem straightness control.
  • 7)Bellows seal is available on request
  • 8)Stellite seat rings provide increased resistance to wear, abrasion and erosion of the sealing surfaces.
  • 9)expanded Seat Rings.
  • 10)Low fugitive emissions control.

Technical specifications of the API602 forged steel gate valve?

Specifications of API602 forged steel gate valve

Design and manufacture API602/BS5352/ASME B16.34
Diameter(NPS) 1/2"-2"
Port(bore) Standard port(reduced bore) and full port(full bore)
Pressure rating(Class) 800lbs-1500lbs-2500lbs
Body materials A105/F11/F22/F304/F304L/LF2/LF3/F316
Trim materials No.1/No.5/No.8,SS304/SS316/Monel
Socket weld ANSI B16.11
Thread ASME B1.20.1
Flanges ASME B16.5,welded flange and integral flange
Bolted Bonnet and welded Bonnet 800lbs-1500lbs
Pressure seal bonnet(PSB) 1500lbs-2500lbs
NACE NACE MR-0175 or MR-0103
Test and inspection API598

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gate valve flanged

Application of API forged steel gate valves

This kind of  API 602 Forged Steel Gate Valve is widely utilized in pipeline with liquid & other fluids. Petrol,oil,Chemical,Petrochemical,Power and Utilities etc,especially in conditions where high flow efficiency, tight shut off and long service is required. A wide choice of shell and trim materials do cover the whole range of applications, from the every-day type of non-corrosive service to critical service with highly aggressive media. 

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