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Wedge Gate Valve for oil En1984 China factory

Short Description:

The gate valve is also called a plate valve. The mutual fit can prevent the flow of the medium,
and rely on the top mold, spring or the mold shape of the gate to enhance the sealing effect .
The main function of the pipeline is to cut off. It is easy to open and close, and the advantages are: small fluid resistance.
It can be used in the case of two-way flow of the medium. There is no directionality.

Gate valve for oil DIN-EN wedge gate valve,cast steel,stainless steel and alloy steel


DIN 3352 BS-EN 1984


Face to face DIN3202/EN558-1

Flange EN1092-1

NORTECH is one of the leading China Gate valve for oil DIN-EN Wedge Gate Valve Manufacturer & Supplier.

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What is Gate valve for oil ?

as normal wedge gate valves,the opening and closing parts of the Gate valve for oil  are the gate,in shape of a wedge,that's the reason that they are named as wedge gate valve. The wedge gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed and can not be adjusted and throttled.The gate valve was designed to be used either fully open or fully closed, because due to the shape of its obturators which have the shape of a wedge, if it were operated partially open, there would be a great loss of pressure and the sealing surface will be damanged under impact of the fluid.The main feature of a DIN-EN wedge gate valve is that its sealing surface between the “gate” and its seat is flat,which results in the very small pressure loss.

Gate valve for oil

  • 2)Flanges conforms to EN1092-1,and face to face EN558-1 or former Germany standard DIN3202
  • 3)Tested and inspcted according EN12266,BS6755 and ISO5208

Main features of Gate valve for oil

Main Features

  • Flexible wedge with low center stem-wedge contact, in solid CA15 (13Cr) or hardfaced with 13Cr, SS 316, Monel or Stellite Gr.6. Wedge is ground and lapped to a mirror finish and tightly guided to prevent dragging and seat damage.
  • Flanges:EN1092-1,PN10-16-25-40-63-100,or other flanges dimensions requested
  • A Stellite hardfaced CF8M wedge is also available on request.
  • Small flow resistance and pressure loss,due to the straight flow passage and full open wedge.
  • Compact form,simple structure,makes it easy for manufacturing and maintenance,and wide range of application.
  • long time to shut down and slow movement of the wedge,no water hammer phenomenon for the wedge gate valves.

Technical specifications of Gate valve for oil


Design and Manufacturing BS EN 1984,DIN3352
DN DN50-DN1200
PN PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,PN100
Body Materials 1.0619,GS-C25,1.4308,1.4408,S31803,904L
Trim  1CR13,Stellite Gr.6
Face to Face EN558-1 Series 14,series 15,series 17,DIN3202 F4,F5,F7
Flange Standards EN1092-1 PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40,PN63,PN100,DIN2543,DIN2544,DIN2545,DIN2546
End Connection RF,RTJ,BW
Inspection and Test BS6755,EN12266,ISO5208,DIN3230
Operation Handwheel,Worm gear,Electric actuator

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Applications of Gate valve for oil

Gate valve for oil  is used in chemical industry (for non aggressive and non toxic liquid and gas substances), petrochemical and refinery industries,coke and chemistry industry (coke-oven gas), extractive industry, mining industry, mining and metallurgical industry (post-floatation wastes).

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