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Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve rubber seated

Short Description:

Design and Manufacture standard EN593/API609/AWWA C504
Face to face:ANSI B 16.10/ ISO5752-13/EN558-1 series 13/14
Flange end: ASME B16.5 / ASME B16.47 /AWWA C207/ EN1092-2
Test: API598
Pressure rating ANSI Class150/PN10/PN16/PN25
Body and disc:Ductile iron
replaceable seat EPDM/NBR

NORTECH is one of the leading China Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve AWWA Manufacturer & Supplier.

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What's the double eccentric butterfly valves?

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve is an innovative double offset design product with advanced world leading technology. This butterfly valve has a unique structure with ultra reliable sealing performance, wide working conditions and low operation torque.

The double eccentric  butterfly valve`s sealing ring is made of elastomer fit in disc, it availabe be used in unidirectional sealing application, Commonly used in the water or municipal water appliacation.

what makes it different from all the other butterfly valves,is the double eccentric or double offset disc design.

it allows the disc to move off the seat reducing running torque and seat wear,it's a big advantage compared to the concentric butterfly valves.

Double eccentric butterfly valves,with a seal ring fixed by cover plate,It will make the valve has a nonstop fixing surface on the circle and make the valve didn't touch the seat at all when it is completely opens. This design will make the seat encounter less friction and accordingly will extend its lifetime. In common application,this bi-directional balance butterfly valve is restricted to class 150.

Main features of NORTECH double eccentric butterfly valves rubber seated?

Resilient seated Double eccentric butterfly valves rubber seated

Design standard: BS EN593
Face to face length : EN558-1/ISO5752 series 14& ISO5752 series 13
Flange dimension and drill : BS EN1092/BS4504 (DIN2501)
Size: DN350 – DN3000/ 14"-120"
Pressure rating:PN6- PN10-PN16-PN25-PN40
Application: water, drinking water, sewage, low-corrosive liquid etc. 


Quality and service:more than 20 years of experiences of OEM/ODM services for leading european valve companies.
Quick delivery,ready for shipment 1-4 weeks,with considerate stock of resilient seated butterfly valves and components
Quality guarantee 12- 24 months for resilient seated butterfly valves
Quality control for each piece of butterfly valve

Main feautres of Double eccentric butterfly valves rubber seated:

Longer service life due to tilted disc

The tension on the disc is released after a few degrees of opening which minimises wear of the disc seal. Furthermore, the design minimises the compression of the sealing which ensures low operating torques.

Twin seat designs

The integral seat design has a machined and epoxy coated ductile iron seat integrated in the body. The stainless steel seat design has a replaceable seat ring of stainless steel sealed with an O-ring to avoid leakages under the seat ring.

Shaft design features

The shaft sealing is replaceable under pressure to enable easy maintenance. Sealings of EPDM secure tightness from inside and out, and NBR sealings protect against impurities and fluids from outside.

Disc seal optimised for high performance

The disc seal is shaped to secure fixation in correct position providing a very reliable function. The excellent rubber quality makes it possible to reduce the amount of rubber which ensures low closing torques. The EPDM sealing is approved by ACS and WRAS.

Bi-directional tightness

The valves are bi-directional and uni-directional on demande.

Replaceable seal on disk with non-stop fixing
Ddouble offset design results in less seat wear, lower torque
less friction ensures super long usage life
Renewable sealing ring
Epoxy paint body&disc
ISO 5211 top flange for various operation
Zero leakage on both sides

double eccentric scheme
Double eccentric butterfly valve flange type 6

Type of Operation for Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve rubber seated

for Double eccentric buttefly valves rubber seated,we provide

Manual gearbox operation,Pneumatic actuator,electric actuator,and hydraulic acatuators for your option.

Technical specifications of NORTECH double eccentric butterfly valves rubber seated?

Design and Manufacture   EN 593/API609
End Connection  Double flanged
Operation  Manual/Pneumatic/Electric
Size Range  NPS 14"-120"(DN350-DN3000)
Pressure Rating  150 psi, 275 psi or 500 psi(PN10-16-25)
Face to face  EN558-1 series 13/series 14
Flange   EN1092-2,ASME B16.5,AWWA C207,ASME B16.47
Inspection EN / AWWA C504/C519 / NSF 61/372 Certified


PART NAME Material
BODY ASTM A536 65-45-12/ EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40), EN-JS 1049 (GGG 40.3),Stainless steel (1.4408)
EN-JS 1030 (GGG-40)
Stainless steel (1.4408)
SHAFT / STEM SS431/SS420/SS410/SS304/SS316




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double eccentric butterfly valve AWWA
double eccentric butterfly valve sample

Product Application:

What is the Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve rubber seated used for?

This kind of  Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve rubber seated  is widely utilized in

  • Dams & hydropower
  • Industrial,
  • Irrigation,
  • Power plants,
  • Sewage & wastewater treatment,
  • Water treatment

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